How To Do Bohol In 4 Days

December 7, 2017

Why did I do Bohol in 4 days you ask? Because that’s just the way the cookie crumbled.

Quick preface: if you live in Vancouver and don’t know what YVR Deals is, you need to click this link and get yourself subscribed. Actually, the service is available for most Canadian cities, all you need to do is scroll to the bottom of the site and select your hometown. Once you’re signed up, you’ll receive alerts right to your inbox every time a phenomenal travel deal is discovered. You won’t be bombarded with email spam and you will travel on the cheap. It’s a win-win.

Anyway, back to the story. When the following YVR Deal showed up in my inbox, I gave it a “hell-to-the-yeah” because I’ve been dying to go to Japan: Vancouver to Philippines to Vancouver – $457 CAD including taxes | add Japan for $130.

Do you see what I’m saying? I could go on my dream vacation for very few dolla bills if I simply made a pit stop in Philippines – hardly a nuisance. So that’s why I spent four fabulous days in the Bohol sunshine. If you end up on the island with a limited timeline like I did, here’s what you gotta you do to see it all.

Ride A Moped To Chocolate Hills

Two facts: 1) It’s incredibly cheap to rent a moped for your entire stay in Bohol. 2) It’s the best way to get around in tropical climates. Although I have a confession: I didn’t get my own moped. If you’re freaking out about riding a moped for the first time, be like me and ride passenger with one of your pals. Safety first, kids.

As a heads up, you can also sign-up for a bus-tour or rent a car to drive to the Chocolate Hills. But, I’m telling you, there is something breathtaking about riding through local towns and rice terraces. Rather than wishing we’d arrive at the Chocolate Hills, all I wanted to do was stay on the moped adventure. That was especially true when all the local kids ran out of there homes to wave and scream as we passed by. 

And, just wait until you see the Chocolate Hills! There are a small 1,200 symmetrical mounds that turn cocoa-brown in Bohol’s dry season, contrasting with the surrounding jungle greens. Here’s me laughing at the stunning #views:

Chow Down At Alona Beach

Restaurant on restaurant on restaurant. All beach front. When the sun sets, this is the place to be. Not only are you going to see ridiculously gorgeous skies, but you’ll also be able to keep your toes in the sand as you mow down and sip on a glass of vino.

My favourite cuisine was the fresh seafood grill. Nothing says tasty like choosing your own fresh fish and watching the chefs fry it up. Wish I had some of that calamari right about now. 

Sunshine and Snorkelling

Better yet, dive if you’ve got your license. Bohol is known for its coral reefs and world-class sea life. I’m talking everything from dolphins to clownfish to barracuda.

We were able to do a little sealife-siting by joining the dolphin watching and snorkelling tour. But real talk: If I could do it again, I’d skip the tour and go at it alone. They send so many boats of tourists out every morning that you’re bumping into more human than fish. Regardless, we saw a sea turtle and that just made my life. Anyone see finding Nemo? 

If you’re not into the underwater scene, then a day on the white sandy beaches of Bohol will do just fine! Make sure to get out of Alona Beach and visit one of the coves nearby – these are a little less crowded and even more beautiful. 

Stop For A Visit With The Tarsiers

Want to add something a little heart-warming to your adventure? Make sure to stop and see the tarsiers on your way to (or from) the Chocolate Hills. You don’t want to miss these adorable bug-eyed creatures that live in the interior of Bohol.

You’ll find these guys deep in the forest just past the town of Corella. But, don’t worry, you’re not on your own out there. In fact, there’s an entire institution dedicated to the scientific research and preservation of the tarsier. The guides at the conservatory will help you spot the tarsiers since they can be tough to see at a meer 3 – 6 inches long. I could go on with fun facts about the primate, but I’ll let you go discover how great they are yourself. 

Anyone do Bohol in 4 days? Did I cover the essentials?

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