About Me

Who Am I?

Aloha! I’m Caitey Jay, a wanderlust-seekin' travel blogger living life on my own terms. I’ve travelled to over 28 countries and knocked some pretty fabulous adventures off my #bucketlist thus far. This blog is all about inspiring you to use your passport to live an extraordinary life full of adventure. I'm also sharing alllll my blogging tips in case your 9-5 has you feeling uninspired. Follow my tips and you'll be updating your LinkedIn soon with: digital nomad and travelpreneur.

Here’s the truth: there’s nothing special about me. I’m just an ordinary girl blogging about my prettiest travel dreams and helping you do the same. Since a young age, I’ve had a serious interest in gallivanting around the globe with a camera in one hand and my sunnies in the other. Real talk: I have both an Instagram and sunglass obsession. Just ask my friends or follow me on IG to find out.

What's My Story?

At every stage of life, I’ve looked for a way to make travel a part of who I am and what I do. Like many of you, I was told to go to University, so I did. This was the best decision I ever made thanks to my semester abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark where I lived like the Danish do for a much-too-short five month stint. This got my travel juices flowing and gave me the opportunity to visit all sorts of European dream destinations on-the-cheap like Barcelona, Amsterdam, London and Prague. Not to mention, I came home with lifelong friends that I still visit all over the world - #winning!

When I returned to school years later to do my MBA, I seeked out another opportunity to cross the ocean to “study”. I signed up for a European Study Tour and found myself not only learning about family-run breweries in Germany, but also drinking up in the champagne caves in France. And, can we talk about Neuschwanstein?! Hello, Disney. To sum it up, I’ve got school to thank for both showing me that I love a good adventure and teaching me that travel can be educational.

I also owe credit to a much loved family and friend-group filled with fellow travellers. I’m talking #squadgoals. They say home is where the heart is, which means my home is all over the globe since I have family and friends across North America and Europe. We don’t often meet up back home in Calgary, but instead get on a plane and choose somewhere fabulous for our reunions. Our adventures have taken us everywhere from the leaning tower of Pisa to parties in Ibiza. We do it all big! 

Today I'm a full-time working woman and I’m still on the hunt for ways to see beautiful places and spaces all over the world. With bills to pay, I have to get just a tiiiiny bit more creative with my travelling. But, every.damn.day. I look for ways to balance the societal idea of “success” with my own idea of a fulfilling life. Guys, I’m just out here trying to create my own version of happily ever after and I hope to provide you with some serious #travelinspo in the process.

Where Have I Been?

Countries I’ve Visited: 28
Favorite Destinations: Santorini, Bali, Salzburg and all of Japan 
Dream Destinations: Iceland, Turkey, South Africa, Brazil

How Do I Afford To Travel?

With that story out there, I think it’s fair for you to ask how I afford to travel. I wish I had a trust fund to fuel my adventures. I wish I won the lottery.

The truth is, I learned to “rough it” while I traveled so I could afford to spend on the experiences. After all, those are the real memory makers. Seriously, I’ve bunked in my fair share of hostels, split many rooms with four + girls (I love a good sleepover!) and have literally just got to a point in my life where I can afford to indulge on accommodations. Also: Airbnb was a game changer!  

But, how do I make money off this site? Caitey Jay is a multi-level business and has various revenue streams including affiliate programs and social media content creation. I take press trips where expenses are covered and I am paid for producing photography, videography and written content for my social media channels and blog. Don’t worry, I’ll always disclose if this is the case and I promise to only go on trips that I’m truly excited about at destinations you'll just as pumped about! #NoBadTrips #AreThereBadTrips?

Want To Collaborate?

If you are a tourism board, hotel or brand interested in collaborating, please shoot me a note at caiteyjay@gmail.com to see how we can work together. I love hearing from you!

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